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Angels (pets no longer with us)

The angel page is a way to have a memorial to those fur babies who have left pawprints on your heart. Your best friend and loyal companion's memory will live on. It is a perfect way to share your story of his/her unconditional love and acceptance with others while supporting To post your pet on the angel page click on the paypal button then email a photo and text of 250 words or less to and we will post your fur baby on the page to be remembered forever.
Maxine 3/2002-3/10/14

My dearest Maxine, losing you was one of the hardest things in the world.  I found you abused,skinny, and scared of humans.  You and I went through a lot in our 10 years together.  You were always there for me.  I miss you everyday and will love you always.  Wait for me at the rainbow bridge until I can one day be with you again. 

Sully 6/2008-8/24/13

Sully while you were with us you brought so much joy to your foster homes.  You will be forever missed sweet boy, run free and happy at the rainbow bridge. Sully had become sick the week before he passed to where he wouldn't eat and was running fever.  He was taken to the vet and started on antibiotics and seemed to be improving as he was starting to eat and his fevers were going down.  His foster mom awoke to find him passed away.  You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. 

Baylee 5/2002-3/31/13

Baylee has passed away suddenly probably from a cardiac event.  She was an older gal, but her time in her foster home was a great one.  The morning of her passing she ate well, went out to potty like usually and then started breathing funny and within a matter of minutes she peacfully passed away.  You will be sorely missed Baylee, but have fun running and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.

Gracie 6/25/01-2/22/12

Our sweet angel, you were loved by many from the time you entered our lives to the time you departed this life. We will never forget your "pimp car" trick or you being a champion gift opener. You brought us many smiles and were a very special part of our family. Thank you for the beautiful memories that will forever be etched on our hearts. Your spirit lives on and you will never be forgotten.


Passed to Rainbow bridge on 12/26/11.  Ava you were only with us a short time, but you touched our hearts while you were here.  Your sweet personality and face couldn't be left at the shelter so we scooped you up and brought you to a foster home, little did we know your poor body already had distemper and you were just putting up a brave front.  As hard as we tried to make you better your body was tired and couldn't fight anymore.  You were so young to suffer so much.  Rest in peace sweet Ava and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge till we meet again.  


My dearest Honey,  

You will forever be missed and always hold a special place in all our hearts.  You are now running free with your fursisters Lil,Sophie,Vixie,and Heidi.  Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge until the time I join you and can see you all again.